Now rippling through the knitting blogosphere:my internet crush Wil Wheaton wearing the most terrifying sweater of all time.

I can’t decide which detail is my favorite:the big fluffy shag shoulders (representing the hair),or the nose and lips done in a different stitch (moss stitch,maybe?) to give them that textural contrast.

In case you’re wondering,it’s from The Clownsweater Project,which is like that thing with the garden gnome,only with a scary sweater.

Update: pic courtesy of/belongs to Loren. (I’m keeping a copy on my Flickr account,to spare her bandwidth.) Wil has some backstory on the sweater posted in his blog today.

P.S. Got something mean to say about Wil (but not the sweater,which is,of course,hideous and terrifying)? ST3P UP,B1TCHE5!!!!11

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